There is no denying that the Maremma has beautiful cities. From the tallest monument in Grosseto to the humble stone houses that line the beach in Porto Santo Stefano, Maremma’s cities are magnificent because they are relics of the past.

The majority were built by medieval hands, but the grand Aldobrandeschi lords who ruled the land were not here by chance. The Maremma has, in many parts, been home to civilisations since the Bronze Age.

The intelligent and profound Etruscans set down the first foundations of the Maremma. Many of their cities can still be visited today; their relics, pottery and other belongings are in museums across the territory.

From harmony, the Maremma was thrown into disarray by the Romans who wanted everything the Etruscans had built for themselves. They sacked the cities, destroyed the people and built some of the most impressive Roman outposts in all of the empire.

Today, the vast countryside remains marked by these ancient civilisations, but the cities, the cities are medieval and in many cases Renaissance treasures, unabashedly old and awe-inspiring in their churches, palazzi and monuments.

But the cities have a modest side to them too. They are, and will always be, country cities. Many of them are still defined by their slow pace and calm disposition. Their residents can trace their lineage back here for centuries. Part local historians, part lovers of peace and quiet, these locals call their neighbours their friends and their lives unfussy.

They are also custodians of traditions and cultures unique to their city. Regardless of whether they’re divided by mere kilometres or great stretches of picturesque countryside, the Maremma’s cities are their own. They have their own heritage, their own feast days and celebrations, their own dialects and, above all, their own local dishes.

Impossibly enchanting, these cities will sweep you up in their beauty, humble you with their history and endear themselves to you in such a way that you’ll never want to leave. To find out more about the cities in the Maremma, click the blue tabs on the map below:

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